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Frequently  Asked Questions:
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- Billing -
What is an authorization?
An authorization is a “hold” or “freeze” of funds against your credit card’s available account balance. It is similar to when a bank places a “hold” on a check you want to cash. Once the authorization is released, the funds are then available to be used. If an authorization on your card should decline, Cellular Fantasy would require a deposit. Authorizations are automatically released when your credit card is charged at the end of your rental.
What is a deposit?
A deposit is an actual charge taken from your credit card account. In the event Cellular Fantasy takes a deposit from your account, the money will be held until all call records are received and billed to your credit card. When your final Cellular Fantasy invoice is produced, your credit card will be refunded or charged accordingly.
Who can open an account with Cellular Fantasy?
Accounts can be opened for personal or business purposes. Personal accounts will receive standard Cellular Fantasy rental rates and call charges. Business accounts are eligible to receive more preferential rental rates and call charges.
When will I receive my invoice?
An invoice will be produced within 4 business days of the close of the Rental Agreement. Please allow an additional 2-4 days for the invoice to be mailed to the invoice address as specified on your Rental Agreement. The first invoice may or may not reflect all calls made. Due to varying service level agreements with different wireless carriers, some call charges may take up to 60 days to be billed and will appear on subsequent invoices.
Is there a cancellation fee?
If the rental is cancelled before the rental is dispatched, no cancellation fee will be imposed. However, if the equipment has already been dispatched, an administrative fee is applicable. Cancellation fees are dependent on rental service. Please call Cellular Fantasy for specific cancellation charges.
Is insurance offered?
Yes. Theft & Loss Protection is offered with Cellular Fantasy rentals for a nominal fee, however there is a deductible for stolen, lost and damaged phones. For Theft & Loss Protection plans, please refer to the rental charges matrix within each service.

- Delivery & Collection -
How is equipment delivered?
Cellular Fantasy uses express delivery companies such as FedEx® for most shipments. In cities where same-day deliveries are available, Cellular Fantasy may use an in-house messenger or courier service. Standard overnight delivery is offered free of charge.
Is overnight priority delivery available?
Yes, priority overnight delivery is available for an additional charge. For priority overnight delivery charges, please refer to the rental charges matrix of each service.
Is Saturday delivery available?
Saturday delivery is available for an additional charge to most US destinations. For Saturday delivery charges, please refer to the rental charges matrix of each service.
How is equipment returned?
For clients receiving their equipment in the United States or Canada, Cellular Fantasy includes a pre-paid FedEx return pack along with the rental kit. Simply use the bubble wrap that was provided with the original shipment when preparing the equipment for return and place into the supplied return bag. Call 1 800 GO FEDEX for pick-up or drop package off at any FedEx location.
Is there a charge for delivery and collection?
For applicable charges, please refer to the rental charges matrix of each service.
Can my rental be delivered to an airport?
Due to security reasons, Cellular Fantasy can not deliver to airports. However, in many cases, Cellular Fantasy can deliver your rental to your hotel or office in the city you are visiting.
Does the delivery have a guaranteed time?
Unless otherwise requested, deliveries will be shipped standard overnight for receipt by 3:30pm (business address) and 7:30pm (residential address). Earlier deliveries such as priority overnight are available upon request. If services other then standard delivery are requested, additional fees are applicable.
Can I leave the return package with the concierge of the hotel?
If you are staying at a hotel in the US, you can leave the package with the concierge of your hotel. Please note, even though you leave the equipment with the hotel concierge, you retain responsibility for the rental until FedEx scans the package.

Where will I have coverage?
Coverage varies by service. Global Phone Rental from Cellular Fantasy operates in 140+ countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. American Phone Rental covers most of the United States, Canada and select cities throughout Latin America. Japanese Phone Rental and Korean Phone Rental specifically operate in their individual country. Satellite Phone Rental does not rely on land-based cell sites and is ideal for those traveling to the more remote regions of the world including aboard cruise ships. Cellular Fantasy is a service provider of various wireless carriers around the world and can unfortunately never guarantee coverage.
Am I billed for every call?
Yes, you will be billed for every attempted call. As with all cellular services, the possibility of dropped and disconnected calls exists. Unfortunately, Cellular Fantasy can not be liable for these interruptions in service.

- Handsets -
How do I place domestic and international calls?
For dialing instructions, please see the Operating Instructions section and select which handset you are using.
How do I charge my equipment?
The rental comes with 2 batteries, rapid (wall) charger and in some cases, in-car charger. Place one end of the charger into the bottom of the phone and the other end into an electrical socket. Please take note that travel adapters are included in the rental pack for foreign outlets. It may be necessary to use a travel adapter with the rapid charger before inserting into an electrical socket.
Can I use SMS (text-numeric paging) from a GSM phone in the United States?
In most areas of the United States, yes. This will depend upon the state (and associated GSM carrier) you are visiting. Please confirm SMS availability with your local GSM provider prior to travel.
Does Cellular Fantasy offer any equipment that I can use while on a boat or traveling where GSM does not exist?
Yes, Cellular Fantasy offers Satellite Phone Rental for much of the globe with the exclusion of the Polar Regions

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